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Quosentis offers you to discover and deepen your olfactory senses through 2 formations.

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  • Initiation Workshops


    For a half day become a Nose "at the Beausset (Var) Maximum 6 people per workshop.

    Price :

    100 euros

    Description :

    Presentation of the 7 olfactory families and the olfactory pyramid
    Initiation to the formulation
    Formulate your first perfume around a base created by our perfumer to have a first approach to the creation of a perfume
    (material and raw materials available)
    Leave with your eau de parfum 100 ml

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    Choice of Initiation date :

    Perfume formulation training
    Perfume formulation tra
    Perfume formulation training
    Duration :

    4 days (meals and accommodation not included) from July 30 to August 2, 2019 in Beausset (Var). For any individual training request, please contact us. For those who have done session 1 and want to register for session 2 do not hesitate to contact me

    6 people maximum per training (documents, materials, and raw materials provided)

    Description :

    Day 1

    Presentation of the 7 olfactory olfactory families and the pyramid Discovery of the main raw materials of each family (natural and synthetic) Discovery of facets and their representative raw materials In-depth studies of 5 raw materials with representative molecules (limonene, citral, citronellol, coumarin ...) You leave with the reflection of the raw materials that you would like in your perfume

    Day 2

    Decomposition of 2 perfumes of the market one feminine and one masculine
    Start of formulation personal project: choice of raw materials
    How to create an agreement?
    Creating the heart chord
    The work of the evaluator
    Put words on your agreement
    Each will leave with the agreement "heart" of another participant to evaluate it in the evening

    Day 3 

    Meetings around the evaluations Formulation of the Basic Agreement Introduction to the regulation in perfumery (Ifra, fds, allergenes ...) Formulation of the Head Agreement

    Day 4

    Assembly of your 3 chords Principle of Maceration Put in Alcohol Personal evaluation of each group creation Time for questions
    Your availability : / / - :

    Formation choice :
    Preparation of a personal project: What do you want from the training ex: you want to create a perfume childhood memory, create a perfume 100% natural, or just deepen your knowledge ...
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