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Passionate, enthusiastic and creative are the words that describe Vincent CATALA. Overflowing with energy, this young pastry chef, creates surprises with his innovative ideas while playing with our memories of desserts prepared by our grandmothers.

He comes from an atypical career where he began as a chef before turning to the world of pastry, which is for him, has become a passion.  "You have to know how to create emotions and memories". That's what he wants to provoke with his desserts, to make people salivate, to create new sensations and let people leave with beautiful memories. He is inspired by everything he sees: art, fashion, photography and also the region where he lives.

Vincent CATALA has an out-of-the-ordinary look for a pastry chef:

He has tattoos, a shaved head, wears baggy pants, basketball t-shirts and leather bracelets.  This could at first sight give the impression of someone crazy or quirky. But yet in the profession he is so passionate for, his rigor and determination are revealed as soon as he puts on his chef coat. Yes, he is a bit crazy and offbeat and that is what makes his desserts original and sometimes unique but especially inventive and surprising both in terms of product and flavor combinations and textures and without forgetting the basics and classic desserts that he has mastered at his fingertips.

"I love using my culinary base as inspiration and playing with sweet, salty, or even slipping vegetables in my desserts! "

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