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The QUOSENTIS online shops are able to guarantee and certify the following labels, names and specifications:

1- Essential oils, Absolute and Concrete say "HEBBD", "ABSBBD", "CRBBD" :

They are essential oils, absolute and concretely botanically and biochemically defined. This means that we know the botanical variety, and that we can define the chemical (or biochemical) composition.

2- Essential oils, Absolute and Concrete say "HECT", "ABSCT", "CRCT" :

They are essential, absolute and concrete oils whose chemical composition is known with precision, and for which we can guarantee the major constituent, for example:

  • Menthol, the majority in mint essential oil,
  • Puleol in the absolute of frangipani flowers containing mainly lupeol, or benzyl acetate in the concrete Sambac. 

This is the case of essential oils, absolute, concrete shops hosted by QUOSENTIS, all identified by their botanical varieties and their chemical compositions.

3- Essential oils, Absolute, Concrete and 100% pure extracts

These are essential oils and extracts (absolute, concentrated, concrete, butters) guaranteed without adding other close extracts, such as:

  • Add an essential oil of lavandin in an essential oil of lavender
  • Adding essential oil of petitgrain sour orange in a neroli essential oil
  • Addition of limonene ex-orange Brazil, in a pink grapefruit essential oil

4 - Essential oils and 100% natural extracts

These are essential oils and extracts (absolute, concentrated, concrete, butters) guaranteed without adding synthetic molecules, for example:

  • Addition of synthetic linalool in a coriander essential oil
  • Addition of phenyl-ethyl synthetic alcohol in Rose's absolute.

Or addition of product difficult to detect without extensive control, such as: Addition of Hercolyn D, triacetine, IDCA, to "weigh down" the essential oil, the concrete, or the absolute.

5 – Name 100% nature guaranteed

This designation guarantees that the natural extract has been the subject of numerous controls (mainly gas chromatography with FID and MS detection, density, refractive index, rotatory power, flash point, and in some cases HPLC, infrared or ultraviolet), and that the results obtained are consistent with the natural references of the profession.

The technical references to evaluate the previous guarantees are present in the following bibliographical references:

  • "The essential oils" GUENTHER, volume 1 to 6.
  • "Perfume and Flavour Materials of Natural Origin", S. ARCTANDER.
  • "Common Flavour and Fragrances Material", K. BAUER and D. KRABBE.
  • "Essential oils" 6 volumes (1976-2007)", Dr. B.M. LAWRENCE .

6 – Allergens

The 26 allergenic compounds identified by IFRA and identified by the European Directive 2003/15 / EC, are determined by GC / FID double column, according to an internal method.

Other certifications, quality guarantees and designations are defined according to the standards or recommendations of the following organizations:

  • AFNOR, collection of French standards on essential oils NF/T75A.
  • ISO, compendium of international standards on essential oils ISO/TC54.
  • INAO (commission of Lavender essential oils)
  • ECOCERT, for possible ORGANIC certifications
  • EFFO (European Federation of Essential Oils)
  • PRODAROM (National Union of Aromatic Manufacturers)
  • FMA (Fragrance Material Association)
  • RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Material)
  • BFA (British Fragrance Association)
  • FEMA (Flavor and Extract Manufacturer Association)
  • IOFI (International Organisation for the Flavour Industry)
  • SNIAA (National Union of Food Aromatic Industries)
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